New Students: A Handbook

Message from the President...


Thank you for choosing Porterville College to help you achieve your educational and career goals.

Porterville College is committed to providing quality educational programs and student services which will enable each student to acquire the knowledge and skills essential to achieving his/her educational and life goals.

PC's counselors and academic advisors are prepared to assist you in developing an educational plan to bring your goals to reality in the most effective way for you personally. There are many types of support services available to students to assure your success.

Your learning and success is the priority of each member of the Porterville College staff. Our college mission begins with the sentence "Students are our focus."

On behalf of each of us at Porterville College, I wish you success and a great educational experience at Porterville College.

Rosa F. Carlson, Ed.D.
Porterville College President

Porterville College Mission Statement

With students as our focus, Porterville College provides our local and diverse communities an excellent educational experience that fosters intellectual curiosity and growth, lifelong learning, and prepares our students for personal and academic success.

In support of our values and philosophy, Porterville College will:

Porterville College's core values define the character of the institution and are active ingredients in all that the College does. Through our commitment to these values the College can better serve and be more responsive to its students, staff, and community:

  • Collaboration - working together to encourage input and dialogue in a collegial and cooperative manner.
  • Respect - treating each other with respect, trust, and dignity.
  • Innovation - nurturing and supporting exploration of new ideas, programs, and services to enhance our service to the community.
  • Accountability - continuously assessing where we are as a College and to assume responsibility for all that we do.
  • Participation - fostering and encouraging the involvement of staff and students in campus activities and the various aspects of the College decision-making process.

In support of our mission and values, Porterville College will base its decisions and actions upon the following beliefs:

  • All students at Porterville College will be treated with respect and dignity regardless of who they are or the goals they have established for themselves.
  • The College staff will provide the best service possible to its students in order for them to meet their individual academic or vocational goals.
  • The College will encourage innovation, creativity, and new ideas and will support professional development opportunities for its staff.
  • As an integral part of the community, the College will interact with and be responsive to local business and industry.
  • As an integral part of the Kern Community College District, the College will participate in and be actively involved with all district-wide committees and governance structures.

The College

Porterville College is committed to providing an educational process to enhance the personal worth and intellectual potential of its students and is also dedicated to producing graduates who are prepared for tomorrow's challenges. Statistics prove that Porterville College students who transfer to a four-year college earn grades that are equal to or better than those earned by students who go directly from high school to a fouryear institution. Our vocational graduates enter the work force with a degree or certificate that means quality training to area employers.