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Minimum Admission Requirements:

Completion of IGETC is recommended for most students.  IGETC certification will permit students to transfer without the need to take additional lower-division general education courses after transferring.

Make sure to complete transfer-level English and math courses as soon as possible.  All schools require you complete these courses by the end of the Spring semester before you transfer.  Some schools require you to complete them earlier if you are considering a Transfer Admission Guarantee.

Major preparation is essential to be a competitive transfer student.  Consult ASSIST [ http://www.assist.org ] to determine which PC courses will prepare you for your transfer major. 

A maximum of 70 units taken at a community college will be applied towards the total number of units required for a BA/BS.  Any additional transferable units will satisfy subject area requirements but not unit credit.

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Online Transfer Counseling

You can email your transfer questions to the Transfer Center Coordinator.  Please make sure to send your message from your PC e-mail address and to include your student ID.

Carmen Martin

Porterville College Transfer Center

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